Caltech's last accreditation site visit was conducted in Fall 2020 and the Commission Action Letter was received in February 2021. Additional information about the Commission's decision can be found in the Commission Action LetterThe next Accreditation Visit will be scheduled in fall 2030. 

The Provost, David Tirrell, served as the Academic Liaison Officer (ALO) to WSCUC and as the Accreditation Steering Committee Chair. The Accreditation Steering Committee provided guidance regarding the accreditation process, opportunities for self-study and assessment, and prepared our institutional report. Two thematic working groups addressed the areas of self-study described in Caltech's TPR Proposal: the Core Curriculum, and Academic and Co-Curricular Support Structures. Each working group assessed the status of campus activities and programs, reported on progress made since the last accreditation visit and the 2015 interim review, and recommended future actions to improve outcomes in its thematic area. 

Additional thematic information can be found in the WSCUC Archive