Caltech Accreditation

Capacity and Preparatory Review Report

August 25, 2008

Prepared by the California Institute of Technology for the
Western Association of Schools and Colleges


Contact Information: 

Melany Hunt
Vice Provost
California Institute of Technology


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Table of Contents

Essay 1. Introduction

Essay 2. Caltech Background and Governance

2.1 Mission of the California Institute of Technology
2.2 Board of Trustees
2.3 Caltech's Leadership, Administrative Processes, and Policies
2.4 Faculty Board

Essay 3. Our Community

3.1 Undergraduates and Undergraduate Education
3.2 Graduate Students and Graduate Education
3.3 The Faculty, Postdoctoral Scholars, and Staff
3.4 Student Support Services 

Essay 4. Diversity and Climate

4.1 Diversity within our Community
4.2 Diversity Efforts and Supporting Offices
4.3 Climate and Inclusiveness

Essay 5. Institutional Review and Planning Processes

5.1 Institutional Feedback and Review Processes
5.2 Strategic Planning Processes
5.3 Processes for Institutional Objectives and Outcomes

Essay 6. Core Curriculum

6.1 Overview of the Core Curriculum
6.2 Commitment to Assess the Core Curriculum
6.3 Next Steps

Essay 7. Undergraduate Research

7.1 Description of Undergraduate Research at Caltech
7.2 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
7.3 Academic Year Research and Research for Pay
7.4 Development of Student Learning Outcomes
7.5 Capacity Issues, Assessment, and Next Steps

Essay 8. Honor Code

8.1 Overview of Honor System at Caltech
8.2 Capacity to Educate
8.3 Capacity to Respond to Violations of the Honor Code
8.4 Capacity to Assess
8.5 Learning Outcomes
8.6 Next Steps

Essay 9. Summary of Caltech's Efforts for the Capacity and Preparatory Review


Appendix 1: Stipulated Policies

Appendix 2: Data Exhibits

Appendix 3: Criteria for Review Table

Appendix 4: Response to 1998 WASC Visit

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