Caltech Accreditation



May: Submission of the Institutional Proposal
July 26: Initial Institutional Proposal rejected
Sept: Submission of Revised Institutional Proposal
Oct 25 - Feb 22: WASC acceptance of revised Institutional Proposal


Oct 9: Melany Hunt designated as Accreditation Liaison Officer for Caltech
Nov 19: Announce Accreditation Feedback Site at Faculty Board
Dec 10: Present draft objectives and outcomes statement to Faculty Board; publish in Tech; invite comments; send to Alumni Board Association; send to Trustee Committee on Student Experience


Jan-Mar ARC discussions with Options
Jan 31 - Feb 2 WASC Retreat on Student Learning and Assessment, Irvine
  Reports turned in by subcommittees
  Report assembled
  Report Review by
April 16-19 WASC Academic Resources Conference, San Diego
Aug 27 Due date for the Capacity and Preparatory Review Report
Nov 19-21 WASC Team Visit for the Capacity Preparatory Review
  Evaluation Team Report


Jan 5: Due date for the Educational Effectiveness Review Report
March 31-April 2: WASC Team Visit for the Educational Effectiveness Review
  Evaluation Team Report