Caltech Accreditation

Core Curriculum Task Force



Mike Brown (co-chair)
    Professor of Planetary Astronomy
Scott Fraser (co-chair)
    Professor of Biology and Bioengineering
    Director of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center
Ralph Adolphs (provisional)
    Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
    Professor of Biology
Pamela Bjorkman
    Professor of Biology
    Investigator for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Warren Brown
    Associate Professor of History
Shuki Bruck
    Professor of Computation and Neural Systems,
    Professor of Electrical Engineering
Danny Calegari
    Professor of Mathematics
Harry Gray
    Professor of Chemistry
    Founding Director of the Beckman Institute
Fiona Harrison
    Professor of Physics
    Professor of Astronomy
Mitchio Okumura
    Professor of Chemical Physics
    Executive Officer for Chemistry
Niles Pierce
    Associate Professor of Applied and Computational
    Associate Professor of Bioengineering
    Executive Officer for Bioengineering

Paul Bellan (ex-officio), Professor of Applied Physics
Alan Weinstein
(ex-officio), Professor of Physics
Brad Filippone (consultant), Professor of Physics


Neal Bansal, undergraduate junior
Andrea Dubin, undergraduate senior
Thomas Gwinn, undergraduate junior